Answering the most popular questions

No, Veil is not a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform. Instead, it functions as a protocol and bridge between different blockchain networks, enabling cryptocurrency swaps and transactions. While it's not a DEX, Veil emphasizes privacy, security, and community engagement.

To participate in the Veil Revenue Share Program, you need to hold a minimum amount of Veil tokens in your wallet. The specific amount required for eligibility is determined by the platform and is transparently communicated to the community. The program distributes a share of the exchange's revenue, including trading fees from both the Veil token and the exchange, to eligible token holders regularly.

20% of the total trading fees generated by the Veil platform and the Veil Token are allocated to the Veil Revenue Share Program. This includes both the trading fee from the Veil token and the trading fee from the exchange. This revenue is distributed proportionally among eligible token holders as part of the program, allowing them to earn a share of the exchange's success.